Wednesday, 6 February 2008

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Afon Dwyfor, Afon Ogwen - December 07

Its always good to do a new river, even though every river is new in so far as the flows, lines and levels are unique, but after 200 (I may exaggerate slightly) runs of the Kent, Dee and the other usual suspects I decided a while back that as much of my boating as possible would be a new rivers. So to get a good bimble down the Afon Dwfor was a nice addition, not too mention possibly my favourite run in Wales, the Ogwen from Fishermans Gorge.

Phil, in hardcore boating mode, as we always are...

The Dwfor is a nice grade 3 (with maybe one or two 4's), and would in my opinion make a great club trip river except for the absolute lack of decent parking anywhere near the access/egress. I can see why Chris Sladden describes it as a bigger Tyweryn, omitting that it does have more than a foot of water in it for most parts, and is free (whilst apparently can run huge in flood).

The day was lovely, cold and crisp medium water levels. Bob and Phil were also out. The river, as far as my memory serves has no major hazard for the competent boater, one weir which we ran, and really just some straight forward rapids intersperse by easier meandering sections.

Dwfor: not a bad shot with a broken camera

The day was topped off by a good run down the Ogwen at a good medium level, it was a fun run really as the river was in a good condition, but no-one else was at Fishermans gorge. We got on after some umming and ahhing, and general chin scratching over the level (it can run a 5 at the right levels) but I'm glad I did really. The drops and boulder garden section are always really good fun, even when I've swam down...and the fact that its a short hit (only 30 mins) mean it was a fantastic way to finish the day.

Dwfor: the get out

Check out Chris Sladdens: The Welsh Rivers for authoritative info on both rivers.

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